The Apostles Creed

New Study Begins Wednesday Night, January 3, 2017 @ 6:45pm

Teacher: Pastor Mark Klimovitz

Location: Lower Level, Music Room

Description: This DVD study provides an in-depth examination of the primary tenets of Christianity. "The Apostles’ Creed was born from the apostles’ teachings. It contains essential doctrines and beliefs that summarize the gospel and the foundation of our faith. The scriptural truths contained in the creed enable us to build our Christian lives on good theology, with the knowledge that our faith is rooted in truth and a rich history.

The lines of the creed aren’t mere words. They are the essence of what we confess and believe. Repeating the creed doesn’t make disciples. Incantations don’t transform us into better, more effective Christians. Creeds don’t hold any authority apart from Scripture, but they do point outside themselves to the authoritative Word of God.

The Apostles’ Creed was traditionally used as a public confession before baptism. This confession of faith, given as a recitation of the creed, was understood as an act of turning away from previous pagan beliefs and fully accepting apostolic teaching. This profession identified new believers with the community of Christians. 

This group study from Matt Chandler leads to greater clarity of our religion, greater symmetry and balance as a disciple, and a more profound sense of belonging in the kingdom of God. (Publishers Description)

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