Operation Christmas Child 2018

Operation Christmas Child 2018: Packing Party Collection

New News!

Last Day For Filled Boxes To Be Dropped Off At FBC Is 12:00pm Sunday, November 4, 2018

Distribution Center Packing Team: Thursday, November 29, 2018 4:00pm to 8:00pm

(See Video At The Bottom Of This Page For Information On Serving At the Distribution Center)

Good News / Great Joy

Operation Christmas Child: Packing Party Kick Off

We are getting an early start on Operation Christmas Child this year because we are going to do a packing party in November. This will help us boost our numbers up to our new goal of, are you ready!!!  -- 500 shoes boxes packed individually by the congregation and 1,000 shoe boxes packed during the Packing Party for a total of 1,500 boxes for 2018. We can certainly do it with God’s help.

Remember in 2 Kings 4 where Elisha tells the widow who had no money left to borrow jars, and not just a few, from her neighbors so he could fill them with oil.  Well, it was the widow’s job to get the containers and God’s job to fill them.

Statistics show that for each Christmas shoebox delivered, 11-12 people are touched by it, and for every three to four shoeboxes sent, one person comes to know the Lord as their Savior!!!  What a powerful mission.

We want to include everyone in on the fun, young and old. Each week we will have a new “item” of the week to bring in for the shoeboxes. Nothing hard, one bar of soap for our first week, second week, one toothbrush. I’m giving you a head start, but the list for each week will be posted in the bulletin at the beginning of each month, and also on our donation box that will be located in the foyer.

Don’t worry, if you forget one week, no problem, bring it in the next week. At the end of the four weeks we should have more than enough goodies to pack in our boxes. Now, for those who aren’t shoppers, if you would like to make a donation instead, I will do the shopping for you. What a deal right? Just put your donation, cash (in an envelope marked Operation Christmas Child) or check made out to Friendship Baptist Church in the offering plate, making sure to write Christmas Boxes on it, very important!!!! We can call this “Sandy’s Shopping Service”.  

Contact Sandy Kendrick, sandrakendrick@mac.com  (443-398-2045)

or Karey Johnson kareyjohnson927@gmail.com (410-504-3801)

for more information