The Bible says that life is to be experienced in relationship with Jesus Christ and one another. As a result, our vision is to have everyone who attends Friendship Baptist Church intentionally connected to one another on a weekly basis through biblical-caring communities that promote transformation, caring relationships, prayer & a missionary-mindset that compels us to serve and see others introduced to Jesus.

By doing so, we will desire to intentionally engage one another and the community that surrounds us.  We will seek to share with others the joy, fulfillment, hope and forgiveness that is available through Jesus Christ. We will seek ways to intentionally invite others to church, Sunday morning growgroups or connectionsgroups that meet throughout the week in peoples homes so that they may know Jesus and grow to love Him more.

Please take a moment to review the various growgroups that meet on Sunday morning from 9:45 to 10:45 and plan to participate. The Pastoral Staff and all of the growgroup leaders are excited about the topics offered.  All of us hope and pray that you are too.

Let’s meet God where He is working and be transformed! And be ready to tell others!

growgroup topics

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Topic: Exodus & Leviticus

Teacher(s): Jim Croft & Ron Standifer

Location: Upstairs, Room #202

Description: Explore the Bible is an ongoing Bible study series that takes the group on an exploration of a specific Bible book or group of books. This study will focus on the Book Psalms.

“These biblical books are about life. That is why they go together. Exodus describes the new life the Israelites received when the Lord rescued them from Egypt. Leviticus explains how God further taught them to live holy lives for His glory.

Together, Exodus and Leviticus make for a powerful study. As you work through these fascinating books, may you leave behind the old life of sin and bondage and begin a new life for God’s glory through Jesus Christ!” (Source: Steve Gaines, General Editor — ETB)

Topic: The Dark Side" and "Second Nature

Teacher(s): Dan Stinchcomb

Location: Downstairs, Room #105

Description: Bible Studies for Life is intentionally designed to help make disciples through: In-depth Bible study that addresses real-life issues; engaging conversation that helps build biblical community; and "Live It Out" application that challenges participants to engage culture biblically.

In the first study, The Dark Side, participants will gain a greater understanding of how “Satan is real and he is powerful. The presence of evil throughout the our world attests to that. But we should not  lose sight of an even greater truth: Jesus is greater—and He is victorious! There is a dark side to our world, but the light of Christ has overcome the darkness.

Second Nature — We often pick up habits from people without realizing it. Those habits and traits become second-nature for us. This study explores seven men and women who exhibited godly traits that were second-nature for them—and they can be second-nature for us as we live Christ-centered lives.” (Source: Participant Guide Back Cover)

Topic: “Jesus Saves”

Teacher(s): Mitch Kemp & Ray Tignall

Location: Downstairs, Fellowship Hall

Description: “This Gospel Project study gets to the very heart of our faith—the cross and resurrection of Jesus the King. We’ve seen how Jesus lived a perfect life of obedience to the Father. We’ve seen how He proclaimed and demonstrated the glory of the coming kingdom of God through His authoritative teaching and amazing miracles. But all of Jesus’ words and deeds were building to the greatest demonstration of God’s glory—Christ’s willingness to die on the cross in our place for our sins. The perfect So of God chose to lay down His life in order to save sinners like you and me and give us eternal life as adopted sons and daughters of God. ‘Christ crucified.’ This is our message for a world in need of salvation.

But the story doesn't end with the cross. Not only did Jesus lay down His life, but He also took it up again and now reigns as the King of kings. The Gospel shows us  Jesus in the week leading up to the cross but also in the weeks following His resurrection. We see Him appear again and again to His followers, giving them blessing and benefit as they see the risen Lord.

Before returning to the Father, the risen King appeared to His followers and gave them a Great Commission and promised them the Holy Spirit to fulfill it. This is a great story—this is the best story—and by faith in Jesus we are a part of it.”   (Ed Stetzer and Trevin Wax, General Editors—The Gospel Project)

Topic: Disciples Path — The Journey -- Semester #4

Teacher(s): Michael Kaye & Dave Boteler

Location: Downstairs, Room #107

Description: “There's a disciple-maker inside every Christian. Disciples Path: The Journey is a one-year intentional plan for discipleship that provides a purposeful process for maturing in Christ. Both new and seasoned disciples will encounter key ideas and practices to help them grow in Christ and as disciple-makers. 

The 4th Semester will explore the following topics: Return to the Gospel; Seeing the Big Picture; The God Who Sends; Our Work in the World; Compelled by Love; Reversing the Curse; Living by the Spirit’s Power; All Things to All People; Producing Spiritual Fruit; The Commitment to Disciple-Making; Disciple Through Strong Relationships; Who Is a Disciple-Maker?; and Review and Commission.

The benefits to the participant include:

  • Become a disciple that will be able to disciple others.
  • Gain confidence to share your biblical knowledge and life experience.
  • Reap the benefits of becoming a mature disciple of Christ.
  • Help your church expand its reach and influence in the community.” (Source: Publishers Description)

Topic: The Gospel Goes To Work

Teachers: Blair Radney and Mick McNary

Location: Downstairs, Room #106

Description: “Work is core to our lives. And the gospel is core to our faith. In this Bible study, author and executive coach Stephen Graves introduces a fresh framework that explores not only how the Gospel should shape our work but also how it could. Too often taking our faith into the workplace amounts to evangelism or moral responsibility. Although there is certainly nothing wrong with either practice, this study takes us further into our faith in such a way that we embody the gospel as a part of our work, office, home, or anywhere work may take us.” (Source: Publishers Description)

Topic: Sacred Marriage--What If God Designed Marriage To Make Us Holy More Than To Make Us Happy?

Teacher(s): Julie and Corey Snyder

Location: Downstairs, Room #101

Description: “Your marriage is much more than a union between you and your spouse. It is a spiritual discipline ideally suited to help you know God more fully and intimately. Sacred Marriage shifts the focus from marital enrichment to spiritual enrichment in ways that can help you love your mate more. Whether it is delightful or difficult, your marriage can become a doorway to a closer walk with God.

Sacred Marriage doesn't just offer techniques to make a marriage happier. It does contain practical tools, but what married Christians most need is help in becoming holier husbands and wives. Sacred Marriage offers that help with insights from Scripture, church history, time tested wisdom from Christian classics, and examples from today's marriages.”(Source: Publishers Description) [Workbook: $5.00]

Topic: The Book of Hebrews--Jesus is Greater!

Teacher(s): Peggy Muth

Location: Upstairs, Room #201

Description: “The reason for the name becomes clear as one reads the book. Throughout Hebrews Jesus Christ is compared with, and shown to be better than, the Old Testament revelation. Angels mediated the first covenant; Jesus, the Son of God, brought the New Covenant. The Old Covenant had a changing priesthood; Jesus is the ever-living High Priest of the New Covenant. The tabernacle and temple of the Old Covenant were mere symbols of the reality Christ opens up to believers. His one sacrifice for sins won us eternal salvation, while the very repetition of the sacrifices Moses instituted demonstrates their futility. Given this constant comparison with the Old Testament, it has seemed evident to most commentators that the writer was directing his defense of Christianity to the Jewish community, perhaps to unconverted Jews, but most likely to Jewish believers who felt drawn back to the traditions of Judaism, which they rightly loved and revered. But, as the writer of Hebrews might say, while the Old Testament was good, the new that Christ brings fulfills its promise, and is far better.

Whoever it was originally intended for, the Book of Hebrews is a treasure for modern Christians as well, for it helps us sense the intimate bond between Old Testament faith and our own faith in Christ. And it helps us appreciate just how great a salvation we have in our Lord.” (Source: The Bible Readers Companion) 

Topic: The Mission of Jesus--The Triumph of God's Kingdom in a World of Chaos

Teacher(s): Pastor Mark Klimovitz & Mike Jones

Location: Downstairs, Music Room

Description: In the region of Galilee, Jesus revealed the power of God's Kingdom and His role as King. The "good news" of His shalom sent ripples through Israel - stirring the hearts of new followers and challenging the rule of an empire.

In this 14th volume of the That The World May Know film series, Biblical historian and teacher Ray Vander Laan guides viewers on Jesus' path through Israel - while exploring the rule of ancient Rome - and reveals how God brought triumph in a world of chaos. Participants will discover how Jesus triumphantly made God's presence known on Earth, and how he asks you to do the same—bringing God's shalom to the chaos of others.

In each session, Vander Laan illuminates the historical, geographical, and cultural context of the sacred Scriptures. Filmed on location in the Middle East and elsewhere, the That The World May Know® film series will transform your understanding of God.

Sessions include: Capernaum: Jesus Binds the Evil One; Decapolis: The Other Side—Jesus and the Man; Crucifixion: The Coronation of a King; Ascension: The King Takes His Throne; and Pentecost: God Changed His Address

(Note: Participant Workbook Donation: $5.00)

Topic: I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist

Teachers: Pastor Mark Massey and Mark Tapscott

Location: Upstairs, Sanctuary

Description: "I wish I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist had been available when I was an atheist-it would have saved a lot of time in my spiritual journey toward God." Lee Strobel, author, The Case for Christ, The Case for Faith, and The Case for a Creator "This study builds the case for Christianity from the question of truth all the way to the inspiration of the Bible. And the verdict is in: Christians stand on mounds of solid evidence while skeptics cling to nothing but their blind, dogmatic faith. If you're still a skeptic after reading I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist, then I suspect you're living in denial." Josh McDowell, speaker and author of Evidence That Demands a Verdict."

Session Topics Include: Does Truth Exist?; Does God Exist?; Are Miracles Possible?; Is The New Testament True?; Can We Handle The Truth?; Why Should We Believe Anything At All?; In The Beginning Was A Surge--Divine Design; Miracles: Signs Of God Or Gullibility; Mother Theresa Vs. Hitler; Did The New Testament Writers Tell The Truth? 


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